Life is full of distractions. Too often simple distractions keep us from focusing on the most important things in life – especially in our relationship with Christ. That is exactly why we must take steps to be intentional in drawing closer to Christ. My hope is over the next 21 days, you will take steps to intentionally connect with Him. 


We will seek Him through three intentional practices: prayer, fasting, and Bible reading


This devotional guide will provide assistance as you walk through the next 21 days. You will have a brief Bible reading as well as a few prayer points to assist you. Use the journal to document what God teaches you through your daily reading and prayer times. Further, take a moment to journal what you hope to learn and discover through the 21 days journey. 

I’m praying that we will see Jesus revealed in fresh and new ways over these next few weeks.  

Looking forward to what God has for us, 

Pastor David

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Additional Resources

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