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Albania Has Made Me Feel Loved

We’re getting into the final portion of our time here, and things aren’t seeming to slow down at all! We have been so blessed to be able to continue English classes for the time that we have, but sadly they will come to an end next week. Our last month will be very busy and due to that we will end classes as of next Wednesday. While this is sad, I’m happy to share that there’s other opportunities for us to work with local children possibly at their schools.

Another fun thing that I particularly enjoy is that we get to play basketball now! Basketball is easily my favorite sport and I’m so excited at a possibility to teach some of the local middle/elementary school kids how to play. Though I enjoy our games that seemingly have no fouls, allow lots of traveling, and have resulted in me falling more than once, I think it would be great to teach a little more organization.

On another note, I think the biggest change I’ve seen in myself recently is just my love for kids. When I started REACH I said I would prefer not to work with kids and that I would rather work with young adults and older people, but God had something completely different in mind for me. These past few months I have come to love and care for kids so much more than I knew I even could. Sometimes the highlight of my week is just getting to see their smiles or having a kid hand me flowers they picked.

So while we’re closing in on our time here, know that the impact of being here has been amazing for me. I knew when I came here that I wanted to make a lasting impression on the people here; I wanted to show Gods love. However, I’ve been so happy to realize that a lot of the time helping someone or having a conversation with someone can leave you just as touched if not more so. No matter the impact I’ve had here, whether God uses me in big or small ways, I can leave knowing that the people of Albania had a lasting effect on me.

There are a lot of things here that I’m not used to. Not everything is sunshine and roses, but this place, this country, is so hospitable. Albania has made me feel loved and appreciated in ways I didn’t know possible. I will forever be grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Praise God!

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