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The Unofficial Holiday: Giving Tuesday

On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we celebrate our favorite unofficial holiday: Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global movement of millions of people that reminds us that small acts of generosity can change someone’s life. And as we mentioned Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent focused on Hope, one act of kindness may impact generations that come after us.

Giving Tuesday invites us to be compassionate and creative. It asks us to consider who needs support in our communities. And it encourages us to find new ways to use our time and resources to care for others.

So will you consider celebrating this holiday with us? Will you take one day to go above and beyond in your service to others? Check out the list below for a few ideas on how to celebrate Giving Tuesday.

1. Discover a Passion

What problems, issues, or injustices have you or your loved ones faced? And which ones keep you up at night? Those questions can give you some clues to help you identify where you can invest your resources.

2. Invite Others to Join You

Maybe you’re already giving and serving regularly. If so, ask yourself, “who could I invite along?”

3. Give Financially to A Non-Profit

One great way to meet others’ needs is to partner with an organization making a difference in your community. At the Church of the Nazarene, we partner with organizations that are impacting our communities. If you find one you’re interested in giving to or connecting with, visit their website or find them on social media.

Let’s Do Some Good Together

As followers of Jesus, we invest our time and our lives in caring for those around us. Whether it’s volunteering with a local non-profit or getting to know our next-door neighbors, we discover and display God’s goodness as we live out our faith.

So as you prepare for Giving Tuesday, ask God how you can give. Then, reflect on your passions and make a plan to be generous. And when you do, you'll see how God will use your generosity to change lives---especially your own.

Tap on the Logo to enter the site of these non-profit partners.

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