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A New Year Begins In Albania

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The past week has been somewhat relaxed. Things have been slow because of New Years. Never before have I seen so many fireworks coming from peoples houses. They love New Years here, and honestly if I celebrated like that every year, I probably would love it too.

This week we went into Lezhë a few times for both shopping and helping out with a children’s program. We were able to help children with homework on Friday. It’s difficult, but a wonderful learning experience to work with children. Especially with a language barrier between us. I never thought I’d say this, but math is my favorite subject to help with. It’s the only thing that is the same everywhere. 2+2 will always equal 4, even in Albania.

Grace and I also had a fun time in Lezhë this morning (Saturday) just by being able to walk around and shop. We don’t often travel by ourselves, but the boys were getting haircuts so we just had fun together. We kind of spoiled ourselves by getting not only coffee, but also tiramisu. I’ve really loved trying the different foods here. Even if it’s something that’s not necessarily Albanian, chances are they’ve put their own twist on it.

My favorite thing thus far has been Tavë Dheu which is kind of like a soup. You dip bread in it, and it comes out boiling hot. Literally boiling! I’ve never been served food that is literally bubbling and popping when it comes out. It’s amazing, and apparently has liver in it. I don’t care for liver, but somehow they snuck it in there without me noticing.

We also had a prayer meeting on Thursday. Thursdays are always my favorite because we get to lead worship in English and Albanian, then have a great time just praying together afterwards. We pray in English, the Albanians pray in their language, but somehow it feels like I understand them. I can pick up bits and pieces of what they’re saying, but I also feel a connection in spirit. Prayer is a marvelous gift from God.

Anyways, that’s been about it for the week. I pray that we will be full of energy as we get back into the swing of things tomorrow with our two services. Thank you all for continuing to support me! I will let everyone know as soon as possible if I can get a mailing address :)

Prayer Requests

For Everyone

- rest

- patience

- boldness/willingness to mess up with the little Albanian that I know

For the Team

- continued prayer for team unity

- positive outlook effected by the weather/ homesickness (to elaborate, I feel homesick and the weather has been bad, so that just makes me kind of sad and lonely from time to time)

- to feel the presence of God consistently

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