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Praise God, things are going well!

Hello everyone! The past couple of weeks have been tiring to say the least. As I recovered from being sick (for the second time), I kind of just dove right back into our busy schedule. It’s been absolutely wonderful seeing the growth in the programs we have here. A few weeks ago, our children’s program on Sundays was having consistently around 8 kids showing up. Which because they were consistently the same children, and they were learning, that would have been enough. I felt happy with just being able to be with them, but this past Sunday we had 17 kids!

We’ve seen even more coming in for English classes. The first class we had, we had about 4 people. The last class we had over 20! A lot of the kids who came on Sunday for church, have been coming to the English classes. So we’re getting to interact with them multiple times a week. While we don’t speak the language well enough to be entirely conversational, I am seeing a lot of growth within my team in the area of speaking Albanian. We’re learning step by step, and what a better way to learn than from those your teaching.

As far as our team goes, we’ve been doing well. I think I’m finally over being sick, and I’m looking forward to all the upcoming meetings we have planned for the rest of our time here. I know the update is short, but sometimes it’s better to just say that “Praise God, things are going well!”.

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