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Saying Goodbye to Albania

Saying goodbye was something I knew was going to be hard. I held back tears every time we had to tell another person we were leaving. Our last days were spent very busily and we had a few meetups with people to get coffee and chat. I think the hardest part was probably saying goodbye to the children. I think as adults we can be somewhat restrictive with our emotions, because there is a maturity that you begin to grow in, and it can be really helpful when having to do something hard. Children however, don't always have that restriction. So watching kids break down in tears when they realized we were leaving was really hard.

I felt overwhelmingly loved as we departed, but I also felt a sense of hope that I would be back again. I don't know what God holds for me in the future, but I sincerely hope that I make it back to Albania to at least visit again. So I ask that you would all continue to pray for me and my team, that we would be able to push through the heartbreak and process our emotions coming back. Thank you all for coming along with this experience with me, and to those of you who read every update, you mean the world to me. God bless you all, and thank you for your unending support!

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