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Time Flies So Quickly Lately

Hello everyone! What a couple of weeks it has been. Graces parents recently visited us and stayed for around 4-5 days. It was really interesting to see people come in who were like us only a few months ago. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we haven’t come very far with knowing the language but I realized this week that we can get around fairly easily.

Living in a different country has been so eye-opening and just overall a great growing experience for me. It’s hard to believe that our time here will be over in less than two months. Time has flown by so quickly lately.

In other news, we’ve still been having our weekly programs which are going well. We’ve made it through our first English books and are now working on getting more material to keep teaching children.

Other than that, everything’s been pretty consistently the same, but we have been going hiking a lot more. Yesterday Kurt and I hiked to a new mountain and had some really good conversations about our relationship with God and our time here in Albania. Hiking is therapeutic for me in so many ways. Our lives here aren’t always physically active, but I love exercising and have really missed it. Like I said, everything’s been running on schedule and has been consistent. So praise God for that!

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